YES! The Trophy Room Will Keep Growing. Three DFWWW Authors Sell Books

Five visitors joined a standing-room only crowd at the November 10 meeting of the Workshop.

It seemed as if the news and announcements would never end. Candace Havens delivered her newest book, Turn and Dare, to Harlequin. A. Lee Martinez' newest novel, Catching the Moon, was accepted by Orbit. Delacorte accepted Rosemary Clement-Moore's newest work, Texas Gothic, and the book is already available for pre-order at

Del Cain reported a successful event at the Saginaw Public Library last week. Russell Connor and A. Lee Martinez appeared, along with Rosemary Clement-Moore who was the keynote speaker. This weekend, Rosemary will appear at Readers & 'ritas in Allen, with Candace Havens as the Master of Ceremonies. Also this Saturday, A. Lee Martinez has a book signing at 2 p.m. at the Borders in Burleson.

Finally, President Russell Connor thanked a wide variety of volunteers who unselfishly give of their time each week. Harry Hall who arrives early to set up the building and to make coffee;  Eric Dixon who never fails to monitor one of the read-and-critique rooms; former President Stephen Manning who assists the Board in making the hard decisions; and Jeff Posey, Jason Myers and Michelle O'Neal who work on the annual writers' conference.

Thank you everyone who contributes in some way. As a non-profit, all volunteer organization it takes all of us to keep DFWWW functioning.

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