Notable Members

Since our inception in 1977, we've witnessed the traditional publications of nearly 350 books.

We are extremely proud of our membership, past and present. In fact, our main meeting facility has three trophy cases full of their books. Our members have published with Harper Collins, Penguin, Berkley, Random House, Harlequin, TOR, Marion Street Press, Doubleday, Skyhorse, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - just to name a few.

Below is a list of our past and present members with traditionally published books. The list is long...and still growing.

Abbott, Patricia (Snyder)

Allan, Rich

Allen, Tricia

Ayars, Mimi

Bales, Perry Curtis

Ball, Henry

Ballas, Jack  *Lifetime Member

Bavousett, Glenn B.  

Bethard, Wayne

Bivona, Ginnie Siena

Bogen, Karen

Booth, Doris

Brumley, Bokerah 

Buckner, Sharry

Burger, Robert

Butts, J. Lee

Cain, Del  *Lifetime Member

Chappell, Henry

Clement-Moore, Rosemary  *Lifetime Member

Coleman, Britta

Connor, Russell C  *Lifetime Member

Cox, Julie

Crabtree, Bruce

Cramer, William L., Jr.

Daniel, John

Donner, Dolores

Enmon, Larry 

Fossey, Brooke  *Lifetime Member

Gladysz, Jerome

Goldring, Kat

Goldthwaite, Carmen

Goldthwaite, George 

Goodner, David

Gray, A.W.

Gutierrez, Hector A.

Haber, Julian Stuart, M.D.

Havens, Candace

Hines, Debbie

Holmes, Colin

Ides, Isabella 

Jacobson, Carolee

Jent, Steven A

Jordan, Sarah Clark

Justice, Alan

LaRocque, Paul

LaRocque, Paula

Livingston, Phil

Lenhardt, Melissa

Lutz, Leslie *Lifetime Member

MacRae, Don

Malone, Susan

Manning, Stephen Neal  *Lifetime Member

Martin, Jenny

Martinez, A. Lee  *Lifetime Member

Mathis, Ed

McAdoo, Ron

McAdoo, Caryl

McBride, Susan

McCord, John

McGuire, Tim

McKee, Mack

McMullen, Mike

Miller, Peter

Moore, Dulce

Moore, Laurie

Murdock, Mackey

Nellis, Mickie

Olson, David

O'Neal, DM

Perry, Anne, editor

Priddy, Laurance

Rae, Carolyn  *Lifetime Member

Rhodes, Stephen

Schutte, Jim

Shelton, Gene

Skalias, LaVonne, with Barbara Davis

Sonna, Dr. Linda

Stephens, Kriss

Swift, Dana

Taylor, Pamela 

Thompson, "Tex" Arianne

Torrance, Lori

Toten, A.D.

Weathers, Jackie

Whittington, Donald

Sharon Wood

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