Read and Critique

Aside from our listed literary events, the workshop meets EVERY Wednesday, regardless of holidays or weather. We welcome visitors to come to any of these regular weekly meetings. It has been years since a meeting was canceled for any reason.

Non-members may visit twice per year. As a visitor, you are encouraged to observe our read-and-critique sessions, but may not participate directly until Read and Critiqueyou have joined. Instead, feel free to get to know us by chatting and mingling during the break periods.

We recommend arriving before 7:00 p.m. to intro­duce your­self to other visitors and workshop mem­bers. We'll be glad to ans­wer your questions!

Please note that we hold our business meeting on the first Wednesday of every month, which takes 10 to 30 minutes at the beginning of the session. You are welcome to visit any week, but be aware that the read-and-critique sessions will start slightly later on these days.


We are a First Amendment group. We do not censor our reads. We are not responsible for protecting members or visitors from words or ideas they would prefer not to hear. This is a professional writers' group. If you are looking for a group that can guarantee you will hear only a certain genre/religion/political ideology etc., there are others in the area that may be able to help you.

Please note too that our workshop is not a mutual admiration society. The critique we give can sometimes be a little rough and not what we want to hear. But it is focused on the work - never the writer - and its purpose is to help make your work as sharp, compelling, and professional as possible. We strongly encourage you to attend at least one full meeting before joining, so that you will know what you’re getting into. The process has proven very successful over the years, with more than 325 traditionally published books so far. If you’re serious about honing your writing, this is the place to be!

FROM DALLAS (or other points east of Euless): 

Take Hwy 183 West, past Hwy 360. Imme­dia­tely past Hwy 360, make a right exit onto Hwy 10. Turn left at Sim­mons St, the sixth street on the left. You will see a park on the right. Enter the park and follow the drive to the Sim­mons Center.

FROM FORT WORTH (or other points west of Euless): 
Take Hwy 183 East to S. Indus­trial Bou­le­vard in Euless. Exit to the right off Hwy 183 and head south. Turn left at Hwy 10 (W. Euless Bou­le­vard). Turn right on Sim­mons St, the fourth street on the right. You will see a park on the right. Enter the park and follow the drive to the Sim­mons Center.

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