Birthdays, Movie Options & Overdue Library Books

Despite the approach of Christmas, and the return of cooler weather to North Texas after a brief warm spell, a good-sized crowd attended the December 22 meeting of the Workshop.

In the news, A. Lee Martinez received payment for the movie option of his recent novel Divine Misfortune. Rosemary Clement-Moore displayed the paperback edition of her Young Adult book, The Splendor Falls, with its stylish new cover. Her copies arrived during a special time (happy birthday, Rosemary), and the book is scheduled to be in bookstores on January 11.

In other news, Jeri Burbage reminded everyone the election for the 2011 Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, January 5. To be eligible to vote, members must have paid their 2010-2011 fiscal year dues and have attended at least three of the five business meetings prior to the election. Carolyn Williamson again advised that overdue library books need to be returned before year's end. Larry Enmon issued a second call for volunteers to assist the agents and editors during the 2011 DFW Writers' Conference.

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