Announcements March 30th

We have lost a director. Kirk Von Der Heydt has volunteered for the position. According to the bylaws, Kirk must be approved by the membership. We will be voting on Kirk at the next business meeting which just so happens to be next week, April 6th.

Candace Havens' She Who Dares, Wins drops on April 1st. Be sure to check out her website for more info.

She has a book signing on April 16th at 2 pm at Barnes and Noble in Lewisville.

Do you know how to use Google? Would you like to help the Workshop? Good. We knew you would. The Workshop now has a grant committee looking for three or four volunteers to help research grants we can apply for. This is a research position, not a grant writing position.

Contact Kate Cornell or Donna Lasko if you are interested.

We have four rooms in our new building that need names. We are leaving it up to the members to generate possibilities. Harken, creative writers! Give us some ideas.

Send Kate Cornell or Donna Lasko your brilliance.

I'm still taking blog ideas. I've got some good'ins which will be discussed (fleetingly) during next week's announcements.

You can always comment on this post, send a message to us on Twitter, or hit our Facebook fan page.

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