Upcoming Board of Directors Election Tops Workshop News

During the October business meeting, members of the DFW Writers' Workshop were reminded that nominations for the 2010 Board of Directors will be opened in November. The current occupants of each office described his or her duties.

Other volunteers needed to keep things moving smoothly are:  An elections coordinator (see Russell Connor), people to help with the registration desk during the 2010 DFW Writers' Conference (see Alley Hauldren), agent attendants (see Larry Enmon), and classroom monitors (see Carolyn Williamson).

In other news, Alley Hauldren's short story "Catsup" was selected to appear in the editor's choice edition of an upcoming issue of Bewildering Stories. Rosemary Clement-Moore has a book signing for her Young Adult novel, The Splendor Falls, on Saturday, October 10 from 1 p.m to 3 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble store in The Parks Mall. Candace Havens was featured on the front cover of last week's edition of DFW.Com Ink magazine.

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