The Number Keeps Growing! DFWWW Members Produce 303 Traditionally Published Books

A large crowd, which included two visitors and two new members, attended the October 6 business meeting of the DFW Writers' Workshop.

In official news, following the success of the visit by Tor Books editor Paul Stevens, the membership voted to invite more editors to speak in the future. Treasurer Jeri Burbage explained recent banking changes to establish an emergency account and to fund various other accounts. Historian Stephen Manning displayed traditionally published book number 303, I, Superhero, written by Workshop member Mike McMullen.

In other news, Anne Perry had an article published in a Duncanville newspaper. Perry Bales announced that Books in Motion is considering producing audio versions of his three previously published novels. President Russell Conner reminded everyone that nominations for the 2011 Board of Directors opens in November. He also suggested that interested candidates consider attending a future Board meeting to better understand how the Workshop operates. Secretary Kyle White advised that the 2010-2011 membership renewal drive is well underway, with a high percentage of members renewing online.

Finally, conference chairperson Jeff Posey confirmed that 20 agents and editors have committed to attend the 2011 DFW Writers Conference. That's double the number from 2010. Also, a grid detailing each agent and editor's genre preferences has been posted at the conference website.

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