Poetry, PoETry, PoeTry

poetry festivalIf you write poetry, wish you did, or just like it--don’t miss the 22nd annual Austin International Poetry Festival on April (poetry month) 3-6, 2014.

From Thursday through Sunday there will be open mics, workshops, special readings, and a continuous stream of all things poetry.  All registrants are given a ten minute time slot to read their own work.  (Go to the slam if at all possible!)  Fellow attendees, numbering in the hundreds, are from both coasts and across the pond.  The cost is $45 or, for students and retirees, $30.

Register before Jan. 15th to submit up to three poems for consideration for the formal anthology, di*verse*city.  If one is selected, it will be considered for possible prizes as well.  Watch the website- www.aipf.org -for more information.

[Underage?  Check the "youth" tab on the site.  Poetry doesn’t discriminate.]

Email DFWWW lifetime member Del Cain at del.cain(at)sbcglobal.net with any questions.  If you ask them nicely, he might even answer you in a haiku.

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