Publications: "The Devil's Dance", Shadows in Salem anthology, release date pending; "Incorporeal Beings", Ghosts – An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond, May 2015; "A Really Big Kitchen Knife", Short Sharp Shocks Volume 1: Amok! anthology, September 2014; "Two Fangs", These Vampires Don't Sparkle anthology, July 2014; "Bogey", Death Awaits anthology, March 2014; "Red Snow", When Red Snow Melts anthology, December 2013, runner up in Horror Novel Reviews Christmas short story contest; "Drums", The Twelve Nights of Christmas anthology, November 2013; "Hob Gob", Dark Light 3 anthology, July 2013; "Ghoulishness", Grave Robbers anthology, March 2013; "Give Me Something Good to Eat", Blood Moon Rising magazine, January 2013; "Jack of the Lantern", Out of Our Minds anthology, May 2012

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