Members Announce Audio Book Deals, Sequels, and Agent Requests

The August 19th meeting of the DFW Writers' Workshop was full of news.

A. Lee Martinez announced that his first novel, Gil's All-Fright Diner, will soon be available as an audio book for downloads to MP3 players and iPods. Additionally, a Chinese publisher has purchased the foreign rights to his first four books, which already are popular in Europe.

In other news, Kenneth E. Ingle announced that his publisher has requested a sequel his science fiction novel First Contact. Kristen Lamb has been appointed fiction editor at The Report, the newsletter of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation. Her Warriorwriters's Blog, written with Boy Mayer, was named a top website for writers by AndyShack.Com. Agent Caryn Wiseman, with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, requested the full manuscript for Kyle White's Middle Grade science fiction novel, Attack of the Crystal Spiders.

In Workshop news, two new reference books have been added to the library, and members may now checkout library books for up to three weeks. Due to time constraints, the conference committee will no longer meet on Wednesday nights preceding the Workshop. Also, conference committee meetings have been moved to the North Richland Hills library. Please contact chairperson, Jeri Burbage, for more details.

Finally, a unique event will be held in September. Tai Chi expert, Master Wong, will teach authors how to channel their energy to make them better writers. The event costs $90 and will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 19 in Richardson, Texas. Contact Robin Yaklin for more details.

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