Mayday, Mayday...

Spirit and Dust CoverMark your calendars.

DFWWW member Rosemary Clement-Moore's latest YA novel, Spirit and Dust, will hit the bookshelves on May 14th.  The novel already has a glowing Kirkus review, which reads, in part:

"A CGI-ready climax pulls together all the metaphysical building blocks laid down in this mystery's tight worldbuilding (not to mention mummies, ghosts, animated tattoos and a bonus dinosaur). This likable, uber-competent heroine's adventure combines elements of paranormal romance and fast-paced thriller, while Daisy herself resembles a Southern teen version of supernatural PI Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher's best-selling adult series. Another smart Goodnight caper."

Of course it's smart!  It's Rosemary's.

Click here to pre-order.  Click here to add it to your want-to-read Goodreads list.  Click here to visit Rosemary's website and see what else you've been missing.

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