Author, Retired Educator

Math It Up (August 2012) – Creative Learning

Web 2.0 & Other Wonders for Math (December 2011) – Visions: Technology in Education, two-book series (Book 1: Kindergarten through Sixth, Book 2: Seventh through Twelfth)

GameWize: Making Learning Fun! With Microsoft Office (August 2009) – Visions: Technology in Education, six-book series (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, K through Second, GameWize Plus)

Partnering Excel with Mathematics (August 2009 through August 2010) – Visions: Technology in Education, four-book instructional technology series (Secondary, Pre-Algebra, K through Second, Third through Sixth)

Super Graphing with Excel (November 2010) – Visions: Technology in Education

Excelling with Microsoft Excel (November 2010) – Visions: Technology in Education, two-book instructional technology series

Adventures in Mathopolis Series (August 2008) – Barron’s Educational Series, two-book series (ESITMATING AND MEASURING by Karen Ferrell, Cathy Weiskopf, and Linda Powley; THE GREAT POLYGON CAPER by Karen Ferrell)

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