Nurseketeers Series Author

Baker & Goodman. (2018 in press). The Wake-Up Call.

Published 48 articles in the AORN Journal and served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal from 2012-2017.

Guest Edited and authored three chapters in 2012, "Nursing Informatics" (7) in Perioperative Nursing Clinics, Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier, Inc. 

Authored chapters in the following books: Stringing pearls: A collection of gems from nursing leaders; Perioperative management resources: General management skills - Business planning; Leadership in action: A manager's guide to success; The perioperative nursing data set: The perioperative nursing vocabulary, PNDS; Optimizing Resources: A manager's guide to success; & The manual of operating room management: An administrative patient care resource. 

Voice for 11 podcasts published with AORN Journal.

Local, National, and International speaker on topics such as writing for publication, journal peer review, and social networking & professional boundaries. 




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