Glove Up for WRiTE CLUB

WRiTE CLUB is back with a vengeance, and it’s not too late to fight.

WRiTE CLUB Logo2As some of you may remember, last year one of our very own was crowned.  Now, DFWWW member Tex Thompson swings onto the other side of the ropes to judge, along with a distinguished panel that includes: Jonathan Maberry, Katie Grimm Margaret Bail, Sarah Negovetich, Brittany Booker, Candace Havens, Lydia Kang, and Tiana Smith.  (For those who just can't be bothered to click on the links, that's a list of some industry elite.  Agents, authors, editors, and the like.  Fancy stuff.)

Wondering about the rules of WRiTE CLUB?

  1. You MUST talk about WRiTE CLUB – Spread the word

  2. You DON’T talk about WRiTE CLUB – Once the bell sounds for round one, keep it quiet.

  3. If someone taps out, WRiTING is over.

  4. Only two people to a WRiTE.

  5. Two WRiTE’s per week.

  6. No shirts, no shoes…well, actually, your WRiTE attire is up to you.

  7. WRiTES will go on until Aug 18th.

  8. Anyone can WRiTE, but you have to have your submission in by May 31st.

With guidelines like these, how can one resist? To get the finer details, visit DL Hammon's site.

We can’t wait to see you in the ring!

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