Workshop recognizes contributions of longtime member Jack Ballas

Plaque awarded to member Jack Ballas

At the December 3rd meeting during our annual holiday dinner, the Workshop recognized one of its very special members for years of service to the organization and for his accomplishments as a writer. Jack currently holds the Workshop record for most published novels, with 19 titles to his credit. A member since the 1980s, he has served on the Workshop board and was a voice of authority during the weekly read and critique sessions for many years. He doesn't get to attend as often as we'd like these days due to health reasons, but we wanted Jack to know how much he appreciate him. And we caught him totally by surprise! We made sure he was there for the meeting, but he had no idea we were going to present him with something. Thanks for all you've done for the Workshop, Jack!

Book Review: 'Jury Rigged' by Laurie Moore

A review of member Laurie Moore's latest book, Jury Rigged, ran in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday. Here are some excerpts:

"It's a wonder Laurie Moore's madcap mysteries haven't hit the big screen. The former Fort Worth cop's whodunits possess enough rowdy action, sex and rambunctious characters for a franchise.

Take the latest, Jury Rigged, third in her Cowtown police homicide series starring Cézanne Martin, a fiery, hard-driving detective with an attitude and law degree.

More Calamity Jane than Jane Marple, Cézanne has a big mouth, a badge and a Smith & Wesson five-shot just like her creator carried when she was on the job. She also has an unholstered libido.

Already the spunky sleuth has solved a couple of high-profile murders, one undercover involving the Dungeons of Decadence sex club in The Wild Orchid Society (2004). She also solved the murder of her captain's daughter, who was the secret lover of Cézanne's police partner, in The Lady Godiva Murder (2002).

On 90-day leave from the department to set up her law office, Cézanne gets a diamond ring from Sheriff Bobby Noah, who then disappears. Next, a murderess escaped from jail tries to kill her, and much to the detective's surprise, she inherits a stately brownstone on University Drive from her long-estranged dad.

But with the legacy come grasping relatives she didn't know she had, a missing brother (or is he?) and Deuteronomy Devilrow, her adolescent Voodoo-practicing ward with a harlequin Great Dane named Enigma...

Ms. Moore began writing crime fiction between classes at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law and sometimes played hooky to attend the DFW Writers Workshop, where members read and critique each other's work. Her breakthrough came when a visiting agent heard the Texan read from one of her policewoman procedurals. Perhaps Hollywood should bend an ear, too.


Jury Rigged
Laurie Moore

(Five Star Publishing, $25.95) "

December 24th - Open for Reads

The tradition continues as the DFW Writers' Workshop will be meeting on Christmas Eve at 7 pm.

Reads and critiques will occur as usual.

Wednesday, Dec. 3 - Christmas party

The Wednesday, December 3rd meeting of the DFW Writers' Workshop will also be the Christmas Party. Everyone is encouraged to bring something to eat or drink to share with the group. Homemade goodies are especially welcome!

The evening will follow the normal routine of reads, we'll just all have extra joy to impart and sugar to consume.

Saturday, Nov. 22 - The Demon King & I book signing

Candace Havens will have a book signing party for "The Demon King and I" from 2-4 p.m. at the Legacy Bookstore in Plano.

7300 Dallas Parkway, Suite A120
Plano TX 75024

This new independent bookstore is just north of Legacy on the righteast side of the Tollway, north of the Williams & Sonoma, south of the parking garage.

There will be a reception which will include wine and cake. Yes, that really does say "wine".

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