Workshop meets EVERY Wednesday... no matter what!

The Workshop has a long-standing tradition that it meets every Wednesday, regardless. We've met on Christmas Day and July 4th. We've met during very icy winter storms when we probably shouldn't have been out on the roads driving. But we're dedicated like that.

The tradition was put to the test again in December. Both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fell on Wednesdays.

We expected maybe four or five people to show up on these days (normal meeting attendance is between 40 and 50). But for Christmas Eve, we had 11 people, and for New Year's Eve, we had 20! And 10 of us went on to IHOP for after-meeting dinner and conversation. The Workshop is a fantastic group of people serious about their writing, and as you can see, we obviously like spending time with each other and consider the organization important to our lives. And if you've been thinking that associating with other writers might be a good experience for you, we encourage you to come visit us and give us a try!

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