Announcements April 6th

Trumpets and fanfare.

Last night was a business meeting. If you would like the Treasurer's Report, please contact Donna.

Jennifer Duggins will lead our grant committee. We could still use a few research volunteers. Let us know if you are interested.

We voted on and approved two new members of the board last night:

Kirk Von Der Heydt is now Director.

Shawna Smith is now Secretary.

The fearless leaders welcome you to our cadre.

Candace Havens has a book signing on April 16th at 2pm at Barnes & Noble in Lewisville. Come and offer support. A small group plans to meet at Mimi's Cafe across the street from the Barnes & Noble at 12:30pm before the signing. All are welcome.

Make sure to check the bulletin board for announcements, contests, and writing opportunities.

We are still taking suggestions for room names. Please send them in.

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