A Poet Among Us

Del Cain, one of our lifetime members, has been busy lately. Both of his poetry books, Songs on a Prairie Wind and Voices of Christmas are available for purchase. Catch him at a meeting for a signed copy.delgatos

He also got news from Dos Gatos Press that one of his poems, Tableland, will be included in their 2015 Texas Poetry Calendar. This is one of the most impressive and sought after publications for poetry in the state.  We aren't surprised he's one of their chosen.

To top this off, he was recently featured on Blog Talk Radio's IndieReview Behind the Scenes segment.  Catch his podcast HERE.

Finally, we’re told one of his guitars has birthed twin mandolins. We have a suspicion he’s writing a song or two to go along with them, and we couldn't be happier.  Del has a tendency to make some beautiful music.

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