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Write On - 2013

There’s lots of writing advice floating around. I’ve learned hundreds of tips and tricks from craft books, from conferences, from industry professionals and colleagues. But if I had to single out the one tidbit, the very best piece of writing wisdom anyone has ever shared with me, it would be this:

Write another book.

Seriously, I promise it’s the all-purpose, regenerative, industrial strength cure for what ails. Facing rejection, again and again? Still revising the same novel since 2002? Write another book. Each new project helps you grow and gain perspective. You can’t develop your voice or hone new skill sets if you’re forever rearranging the same tired words. A new book is a second chance. Be courageous and take it.

Or maybe you’ve already had some success, but new worries are a constant plague. Are you angst-ing while on submission? Did your agent leave the business? Did your first contract fall through? Did your first (or fiftieth!) novel fail to earn out? Are critics (or critique partners) calling for your blood?


When your inbox spells doom and your last project is in doubt, dare to move forward, turning your back on everything you’ve tried before. Your last manuscript was not a failure—those words taught you what they could. They prepared you for the next page one. But don’t let them become the end, the barnacle-encrusted stopper in a half-empty bottle. Open yourself up to possibility of future success and begin again.  Refill, refuel, and overflow. Write something new once more. This next project may be the one that sees you through, and you will never know if you linger in old blind-spots, dabbling with yesterday’s words.

So take the best advice I’ve ever gotten. Write another book.

-- Jenny Martin, DFWWW Member since 2009

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/puzzler4879/4230867631/

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