The History of Her Story

get-attachment.aspx-5Since 1977, Carolyn Rae has been coming to DFW Writers’ Workshop to read, critique, and serve.  She's a founding member, and over the span of 35 years she’s held a number of board positions and been awarded a much deserved lifetime membership. But more than this, she has epitomized for us the sort of perseverance every writer needs to succeed in this business.

And succeed she has.  Long ago, she spun tales to entertain her little sister.  Now, she's entertaining us all.

We are very excited to announce the release of Carolyn’s debut novel,  Romancing the Gold, published by Muse it Up. It’s a romantic suspense with everything you could want – bullets flying, people dying, and a healthy serving a forbidden temptations and physical attractions.

Alongside the purchase of her book, you can catch a recent interview she did for Caroline Clemmon’s blog, A Writer’s Life. There she mentions one of her favorite quotes is by Marjorie Holmes: “You haven’t failed until you quit.” Is this any wonder?  Not for those of us who know Carolyn.  She's earned this one, and we cannot wait for the next.

When you see her, don't forget to shake her hand and congratulate her -- because word is that tenacity is contagious.  We've hung out enough with Carolyn to believe that's true.

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