The DFW Board

Two of DFWWW's fearless leaders have unfortunately had to resign from their positions.

Kyle White's work schedule has changed, and he is now unable to attend the Workshop. Kyle was serving as secretary for his second year and was a wonderful asset. He devoted his invaluable time and effort to the Workshop. His voice on the board will be sorely missed.

We hope that he will be able to join us in the future.

Ron Soule, serving as director, also received a new assignment at his job. He will attempt to attend the Workshop, but can no longer fulfill the time requirements of a Board position. He was ready to represent the Workshop to visitors and serve as a guide to our new members. We will miss his presence on the Board.

Anyone willing to contribute their time to the Workshop is deserving of praise. Both of these men helped see us through the tumultuous upheaval that landed us at our wonderful new location. They were present at the packup, and the move in, as well as the many board meetings that were necessary to safeguard the future of the DFW Writers’ Workshop.

We recognize them for their service and hope they continue writing and critiquing.

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