Social Media Update for DFW Writers' Workshop

Hey, chaps!

It's Kate here. You're 2nd Vice President and Social Media Manager. They gave me a password to this blog thing (hehe), so I'm using it.

Was anyone as excited about the great social media stuff that surrounded our conference as I was? There was so much buzz! The biggest bump we received was during the first Gong Show. New topics exploded that helped draw attention from the writing community to our little conference. Two big winners were #portalshappen and #TeamFury. "Portals happen" referred to stories that depend too heavily on a character being sucked through a portal as a plot point. Team Fury referred to the "Simon Cowell" of the Gong Show, Louise Fury. You were all thinking it. She's the one who said it.

Almost everyone used the #dfwcon modifier when talking about presenters and classes. Some preferred to actually mention the conference (@DFWCon) directly in the post to promote an open dialogue.

User participation in social media is what makes it so unique. You're only going to tweet whether you're having a great time or a terrible time. Our great times outnumbered the terrible because our conference was amazing (not that I'm drawing from my own experience or anything).

From a social media standpoint, that is a great success. Our attendees are connected, our workshoppers are connected, and I think I read through Twitter that Weronika Janczuk is having lunch with Amy Boggs some time next week (stalking accomplished).

Let's try to use some of that momentum for the workshop and future conferences.

Gushing finished. Now, to business.

If you or anyone you know took pictures at the 2011 DFW Writers' Conference, please send them to me

Kate Cornell

with the subject line "Conference Pictures" or some such nonsense that doesn't make me delete it immediately.

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