DFWWW's Internet footprint

Hi, chaps, it's me again.


While you may equate my reappearance on this blog to a certain Beach Boys song involving the stolen vehicle of a patriarch, I do have a something to share.

vault boyIf you have attended any meeting of DFWWW in the last year or so, you may have noticed our visitors mentioning they heard about us on the Internet. You may have also noticed that we only post about once a week on this blog.

I put it to the members: What would you like to see up here?

A few weeks ago, I implored a certain member to write a guest post on how to be a monitor. I'm sure he's still considering the offer, but I believe that would be something you would want to see. I can't come up with all this stuff by myself. I would love ideas (aside: you can comment directly on this post).

What do you want to see? Do you want to know what my overweight cat is up to? Do you want to know what our members are up to? Do you want me to steal the RSS feeds from other sites and post them up here? Do you pray for someone who isn't me to write something that is at least coherent and organized?

Let me know.

I'm from the DIY generation, which comes with fast typing speech-to-text, built in Intel processor, technobabble translator,  and built-in Internet navigational computer. Even when I'm wireless, I'm still plugged in.

If you want to contribute a blog post, that would be great, too! You see, once I post this, it goes out all over the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, the DFW Writers' Workshop homepage. We tag your name, and (bam) Google takes notice. While I understand the gritty underworld of the Internet (Search Engine Optimization, reputation management, synergy) is not everyone's cup of tea, you can use it as a tool to brand yourself and get your name circulating.

And, I wouldn't let you post anything that would make you look bad... *wink*

I do believe our group can offer a great deal to each other and the writing community.

Send me your thoughts. On Facebook, Twitter, or right here.

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