Online Meetings: What We're Doing

DFW Writers’ Workshop is going virtual for our Wednesday night Read and Critique. All the joy and agony of our breakout sessions but from the comfort of your own home—plus you don’t have to worry about parking or changing out of your sweatpants.
We’re using Zoom for web conferencing. It works best through the dedicated Zoom app rather than the Zoom website. The app works on PC, Mac, phone, or tablet. You will want a microphone and earphones or earbuds. A webcam lets us all stay connected visually, but it's not required. Download the app and be ready to join in on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
Please register for a free account on Zoom as that allows you to be placed in reading rooms and as a registered user it greatly speeds the process of moving everyone from the main meeting to the reading rooms.
If you are a member and you want to read, you must RSVP to the event on this website no later than 6:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Please put the number of pages (up to ten) you want to read. If you're a member and want to attend but not read, RSVP and put 0 in the RSVP spot so you can get transferred to a reading room. 
Plan to log in at 6:30—we’re starting a little early to help everyone get tech issues ironed out. At 7:00, we'll have our usual meeting—submissions, rejections, acceptances, and announcements—then we’ll break out into the read rooms. Each will have a read list and a monitor, just the same as always, except we won’t have to move chairs around (or stack them afterward). 
Stick around after the reads, and we'll try and recreate the IHOP afterparty in our virtual diner. However, it’s strictly BYOP (Bring Your Own Pancakes).

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