Cooking it Up

Movie ScriptsHave you boiled your book down to a two page summary?  Did you cook it some more and turn it into a two paragraph query?  Further still, an elevator pitch?

Here is the ultimate challenge -- the logline.

If you've always imagined your book as a movie, this free contest is for you.

On May 20th, Scott Myers will be accepting your logline.  If he likes it, you'll join him for a 24-week Screenwriting Master Class.  And, if you play your cards right, at the end of it you'll have a completed script along with access to Hollywood insiders.

That's fancy.

If nothing else, this competition forces you to encapsulate your story so that it fits into a single breath.  It's hard as hell to do, but a good work out for any writer.

So, good luck!

Key dates and some instructions can be found here at THE QUEST.

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