Boxes Needed to Pack over 20 Years of Books, Awards & Memories

Talk about a full house at the February 23 meeting of the Workshop, and we didn't even serve free food! Two visitors and four new members joined the standing-room only crowd.

Maybe it was the Pitch Your Book class, taught by Rosemary Clement-Moore, that brought in the people. Rosemary did an excellent job of helping everyone prepare for this weekend's DFW Writers' Conference.

Speaking of the conference, Stephen Manning thanked all the members who have volunteered to help. Co-chairs Jeff Posey and Jason Myers thanked the conference executive committee. And Michelle O'neal paid a surprise visit (she's doing well).

President Donna Lasko reminded everyone about the upcoming move to a new building. The date to pack has changed, because of a scheduling conflict with the City. Now, we are packing on Sunday, March 13 starting at 9 a.m. until the job is done. Pizza will be served for lunch.

Finally, we need all DFWWW members to visit area stores to ask for free boxes. Bring those next week so we can prepare early for our big move. We also need newspapers for packing materials. There are over 20 years of books, awards and memories that have to be moved.

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