A Writer's Life: A Tribute

Once in a while we come across someone who leaves an indelible mark on us.  And sometimes that mark is so unforgettable, we feel obligated to turn and impress it onto the next closest person.  And they will turn and do the same.  So on, and so forth.  This is the way a legacy is born – starting quietly with one incredible someone who doesn’t realize the impact they are making by just being them.

For DFW Writers’ Workshop, our incredible someone was Jack Ballas.

Jack passed away this month at the age of ninety-one as a war hero, a father, a husband, an author, and as a DFWWW icon.  On the surface it would seem the legacy he left us could be found in the nineteen published books resting in our trophy case.  But, he actually bequeathed us something much bigger than books.  He is very much responsible for the culture which we live and love every time we gather.  As we sit around the critique table, we’re channeling our inheritance from him.  Honest, thoughtful critique.  Eager, obliging advice.  Tact.  Selflessness.  Respect.  Wisdom.

Jack Ballas showed us how it’s done, and we’ve been striving to do it like him ever since.  And though not all of us had the pleasure of meeting him, we have all -- in a way -- had a chance to get to know him.

The comments below are a tribute to his indelible mark on us.  Like his books, they are worth a read.

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