A Reminder to Pay 2010-2011 Membership Dues & Other News

Excitement filled the air during the September 29 meeting. Several DFWWW members reported full and partial manuscript requests from Tor Books editor Paul Stevens during his recent visit. Attendees also enjoyed a day full of classes on such subjects as writing query letters and developing characters.  

In official news, members were reminded that the 2010-2011 fiscal year starts October 1, and membership dues need to be paid. Also, President Russell Connor advised that a celebration to commemorate the 300 traditionally published books written by Workshop members will be held October 27. That night, there will be a potluck dinner, and a room reserved for Halloween-themed reads.

Finally, in conference news, Michelle O'Neal described one of the 43 classes planned for the 2011 DFW Writers' Conference. Stephen Manning announced that 20 agents and editors have agreed to attend. A grid indicating their genre preferences will be posted online soon.

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