A New Chapter Begins in DFWWW History

A large crowd attended the March 16 meeting of the Workshop to help celebrate the grand opening of our new building. In addition to 70+ regular members, we had eight visitors. Four of them were students from a creative writing class at Tarrant County College visiting for Spring Break. We also had two new members join us. The parking lot filled quickly, but we managed to find space for everyone.

President Donna Lasko opened the meeting with a thank you to the volunteers who helped to pack over 20 years of books, awards, and memories (enough boxes to fill the main room at the old building). She also thanked the volunteers who helped to supervise the move and to unpack all of the boxes.

As always, DFWWW members are a busy crew. In the news, Ginnie Bivona signed a contract

with agent Al Longden for ebooks. Kathryn Thomas' submission to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest was recognized as a Top 1000 and moves forward in the competition. Troy Young advised his novel On the Darkest Nights is available for the Nook eReader. He also has a poem in an upcoming issue of Abandoned Towers magazine.

In still more news, Matthew Usey signed with agent Louise Fury after he met her at the DFW Writers' Conference.  A blog by Pamela Skjolsvik appeared in the online version of the Dallas Morning News as a guest blogger. Jimmie Kepler had a poem accepted by Poetry and Prose magazine.

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