President: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Vice President of Membership: Matt Craig

Vice President of Events and Programs:  Sally Hamilton

Treasurer: David Jones

Secretary: LeAnn Robinson           

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Terentiev

Vice President of Digital Media: Colin Holmes

Conference Chair: Steve Manning


Officer(s) absent: David Jones, Sarah Terentiev


Meeting opening: 7:02 pm


Visitors: - None


New Members: - None


Book Reviews: - Brook Fossey – Fractured Tide


Rejections: David Mooring reported four (4) rejections in 48 hours

Sally Hamilton had a work rejected


Submissions: LeAnn Robinson submitted a novel to the Maxy Awards contest


Acceptances: Tom Bont had 6 acceptances

Alex Martinez got a contract for Constance Verity in England



Laura Starks has some returned books, and is willing to give them away to those interested.


Time adjourned: &:22

Total attendance: 35

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