President:                               Brooke Fossey

First Vice President:             Rosemary Clement

Second V.P.:                          Candice Watson

Treasurer:                              Karen Ferrell

Secretary:                               David Goodner

Director of Special Projects:   Stacey Kuhnz

Director of Communications: Brian Tracey

Conference Chair: Steve Manning

Officer(s) absent:  Stacey Khunz, Brian Tracey, Rosemary Clement


Time meeting called to order:  1902 (7:02 pm)

Business Reports:      None



Visitors: 1

New Members: 0


Submissions: 3

 Rejections: 2


  • Candice Watson got a new job.  Totally counts.
  • Antonia likes to remind us once in a while that she has an ongoing newspaper column.




  • Gerry Glaydos is ambulatory again.  He says thanks for the well wishes.
  • Rob Divenes has published MAGIC NURSE BEDSIDE ARTIST and has donated a copy to the library.
  • Melissa says thanks so much for your support with the SAWBONES launch.
  • Harry Hall is one step closer to a Pedestriannes screenplay.
  • Tex says thanks for your help at WORDFest (which was awesome).  She has some T-shirts left.
  • Anne Neugebower will be speaking at the next Writers Bloc about pitching and networking.



Conference News:   

  • Tomorrow is the deadline for the DFWWW rate and the hotel discount.



Time adjourned: 1915

Total attendance: 43

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