Workshop Members Produce 291 Traditionally-Published Books; Almost Fill the Trophy Room.

It has long been a tradition that when a DFW Writers' Workshop member publishes a book, he or she will donate a copy to the Workshop's Trophy Room. During the August 5 meeting, four recently released titles were received, bringing the number of traditionally published books to 291. In fact, there are now so many titles written by DFWWW members that a third display case had to be added to the room. Stop by to see the impressive collection.    

Announcements from the monthly business meeting:  Gabe Guerrero has been awarded the Glenn Bavousett Fund to attend a writers' workshop. Discussion continues about integrating the monthly poetry group into the weekly read and critique sessions. The Workshop welcomed eight new members in the last week alone. To keep up with membership growth, the Workshop is moving more services, such as paying the annual dues, online.    

In other news, Rosemary Clement-Moore announced she was selected to write a monthly column about the Young Adult genre for FreshFiction.Com. The Hook 'Em Writing Contest has been officially launched, and the tote bags for the 2010 DFW Writers' Conference have arrived. They look snazzy.

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