Workshop Celebrates 20 Years in Euless, 32 Years of Existence & 292 Books

City of Euless Mayor, Mary Lib Saleh, presents DFW Writers' Workshop President, Russell Connor, with a certificate to commemorate the Workshop's 20th anniversary of meeting at the Ruth Millican Center. During those 20-years, Workshop members can only recall one Wednesday night meeting that was canceled, and it was due to an ice storm. DFWWW tried to never close, not even on holidays. Now, that's dedication.

There was no red carpet at the October 14 meeting of the DFW Writers' Workshop, but there should have been one. Dignitaries such as the Mayor, City Manager, Deputy City Manager, Parks Director and City Council members joined the Workshop to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of DFWWW meeting in the City of Euless.

President Russell Connor commented that the Workshop has existed for 32 years, 20 of which have been spent in Euless. During that time, DFWWW members have produced 292 traditionally published books. The Ruth Millican Center, home to the Workshop for all 20-years, was packed as everyone enjoyed a good meal to celebrate Euless' support of the arts.  

Since DFWWW members are always a busy bunch, there was also plenty of news. Yvonne Isaacs announced the publication of her book Seven Tiny Miracles. R. Douglas Weber, who will be featured in the Discovery Channel program "Hunting for the Lost Symbol", mentioned that the show has been moved to Sunday, October 25. The Burleson Star interviewed Glenn Norton about his work-in-progress, A Knight in Tarnished Armor. A. Lee Martinez commented that he is now a regular contributor at his publisher's website,

Rosemary Clement-Moore has an essay in the book A New Dawn released this month. Candace Havens bragged about the cover of her newest work from Harlequin, Take Me If You Dare, due in February 2010. Both Rosemary and Candace will teach a class at the Mansfield Public Library on November 6 at 7 p.m.

A full house! The DFW Writers' Workshop member has grown to 100+ authors from across North Texas. Some members drive over an hour to attend our famous read and critique sessions.

Of course, even with all the festivities the read and critique sessions still happened as planned. The dedicated authors of the DFW Writers' Workshop never take a break from honing their craft.

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