An Honored Guest, a Book Signing & a Stage Play Commission Top News

It was a slow news night during the February 24 meeting of the DFW Writers' Workshop.

Georgette Radford, Community Relations Manager of the Hurst Barnes & Noble bookstore, stopped in for a visit. Georgette is an honored friend of the Workshop and always willing to schedule our authors for book signings. Everyone was happy to see her.

Speaking of book signings, Mary Malcolm will hold one this Saturday, February 27 at 2 p.m. at the Hurst Barnes & Noble for her romance Diner Girl. Mike McMullen received a request for the full manuscript of his children's book The Adventure of Grant Galapagos, Boy Adventurer. Anne Perry has been commissioned to write an as-of-yet unnamed play to celebrate the Town of Eliot, Maine's 200th anniversary.

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