2024-01-31 General Meeting Minutes

01/31/2024 DFW Writer’s Workshop


Officers Present:


President: Sally Hamilton

Vice President of Membership: Helen Dent

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Mensinga

Secretary: Karoline Chapman

Treasurer: BJ Sloan

Vice President of Digital Media: Brian Tracey

2024 Conference Chair: Brian Tracey


Officers Absent: Vice President of Events and Programs, Rebecca Seifert


Attendance: 49


Meeting Begins: 7:04 pm 


Visitors: John McNeal, new to Texas, has been self-published, heard about it through Daryl 


? (could not catch name) writes short stories, found us online 


Lauren, writing a Greek mythology retelling, and she found us online 


Calley, writes about travel, found us online 


Kathy, writing fantasy, found us online 


New Members: Kaitlyn, fantasy and speculative fiction, became a new member


Rejections: J.B. Sanders submitted a short story called “The Coin,” and they said they enjoyed it, but it wasn’t right for them 


Lauren Lanza-Osias got her first rejection for “The Hollow” and a half rejection from an agent who recommended the book to someone else in the agency 


Submissions: Lauren Lanza-Osias submitted her book five more times 


David Jace submitted a short story to an anthology about AI 


Acceptances: N/A 


Book reviews: J.B. Sanders reviewed Ron Soul’s “Emerald City” on Amazon 


Dan Hawkins reviewed “The Big Finish” by Brooke Fossey 


Larry Enmon reviewed “The Oxygen Farmer” by Colin Holmes 


Announcements: J.B. Sanders had a book cover release for his new book 


Rebecca Seifert reminded everyone about potluck and sweet reads 


Shawn Warner said he has a release date and a cover for his next book “Homeland Insecurity” coming out June 4th 


Dan Hawkins, book coming out Feb. 6th called “The Tattoo Collector” doing a book signing on the 10th at Monkey and Dog Books


Sally Hamilton said next week will be the business meeting, officers will meet at the library, 

Leigh, the librarian at Grapevine Public Library, wants to know if we know anybody who would be interested in ghostwriting a book 


Brian Tracey said we will have the conference Oct. 4-6th registration should open in 2-3 weeks $299 for members


Helen Dent will order name badges


Breakouts began 7:12 pm

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