2024-01-24 General Meeting Minutes

01/24/2024 DFW Writer’s Workshop


Officers Present:


President: Sally Hamilton

Vice President of Membership: Helen Dent

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Mensinga

Vice President of Events and Programs: Rebecca Seifert

Secretary: Karoline Chapman

Treasurer: BJ Sloan

Vice President of Digital Media: Brian Tracey

2024 Conference Chair: Brian Tracey


Officers Absent: Brian Tracey


Attendance: 46


Meeting begins: 7:02 pm


Visitors: Jacob Jones, writes sci-fi and fantasy, learned about us at the 2022 conference 

Jeff Kruger writes sci-fi

Rebecca, freelance copywriter, not sure what she writes, learned about us through the conference 


New Members: Jeff Kruger, sci-fi 



Rebecca Seifert announced the Valentine’s potluck and sweet reads

Sarah Mensinga said this Saturday there is a children’s book writers and illustrators meeting at the Denton Public Library North Branch from 10-11:30

Allen Crowley said a book he contributed to is releasing Sunday called “Future Visions: How to Survive and Thrive For the Upcoming Economic Singularity” 

Sally Hamilton reminded us that on Feb. 28th we will have our meeting at the Grapevine Library 


Rejections: Mark Dye, hasn’t heard back after three months from a submission 

John Bartell, elevator book was rejected by an agent,


Submissions: J.B. Sanders submitted a short story to his agent, and she submitted it to Every Queen’s Mystery Magazine 


Acceptances: N/A


Book Reviews: Carolyn Rae reviewed “The Magic Heart” on Amazon and Goodreads by Ron Soul 


Breakouts began: 7:10

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