2024-01-17 General Meeting Minutes

01/17/2024 DFW Writer’s Workshop


Officers Present:


President: Sally Hamilton

Vice President of Membership: Helen Dent

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Mensinga

Vice President of Events and Programs: Rebecca Seifert

Secretary: Karoline Chapman

Treasurer: BJ Sloan

Vice President of Digital Media: Brian Tracey

2024 Conference Chair: Brian Tracey


Officers Absent: all present 


Attendance: 36


Meeting begins: 7:02pm 


Visitors: Margot writes nonfiction and she found out about us through Michelle.

Tara Kay, writes faith-based non fiction and middle grade, and she is here because of Helen Dent.


New Members: N/A


Announcements: Rebecca Seifert said first potluck will be on Feb. 14th, and there will be a sweet reads room. She asked people to bring food for the potluck. 


Sally Hamilton said on Feb 28th we will meet in the library.


Karen Ferrel is giving out versions of her book with the bad cover.


Harry Hall recommended the TV series “The Power of Film” as a resource for storytelling.


Mark Dye said that Laura Dupuy lost her uncle unexpectedly and he brought a sympath card for people to sign.


Matthew Rollins announced that the remote marketing firm for which he works is looking for writers.


Rejections: None


Submissions: Sarah Mensinga submitted “All My Pencils” to her publisher.


Acceptances: Carolyn Rae said that someone in the film business was interested in a movie proposal for her book “Searching for Justice.”


Book Reviews: Kay Goodnight reviewed Ron Soul’s middle-grade book. 


BJ Sloan reviewed “Tattoo Collector” by Dan Hawkins.

Breakouts began: 7:22pm

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