06/10/20 Business Meeting Minutes


President: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Vice President of Membership: Matt Craig

Vice President of Events and Programs:  Sally Hamilton

Treasurer: David Jones

Secretary: LeAnn Robinson           

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Terentiev

Vice President of Digital Media: Colin Holmes

Conference Chair: Steve Manning


Officer(s) absent:  Steve Manning; Colin Holmes; Sarah Terentiew

Members attending: 33


Time Meeting called to Order:  7:01 pm




  • Financial Report (David):
    • Our balance is currently approximately $133,500 in all accounts


  • Membership (Matt):   
    • We have 168 active members. We usually have a bump in the springtime, but that didn’t happen this year.



  • Events (Sally) Nothing


  • Community Outreach Report (Sarah): Nothing


  • Social Media (Colin): Nothing


  • 2020 Conference (Steve): Nothing


Elections will be July 9th. We need people in all these positions, or we cannot operate. Treasurer, VP Membership, VP Outreach, and VP Media.  Sally is keeping a list of people who are running. Send your name to her if you want to run.


A COVID-19 update: We are continuing to watch the numbers. Tarrant county is still a high risk area. Still, many logistical issues to be resolved, even though the Simmons Center is not open for rental.


Meeting adjourned:  7:08 p.m.






President: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Vice President of Membership: Matt Craig

Vice President of Events and Programs: Sally Hamilton

Treasurer: David Jones

Secretary: LeAnn Robinson

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Terentiev

Vice President of Digital Media: Colin Holmes

Conference Chair: Steve Manning


Officer(s) absent: - Colin Holmes; Steve Manning; Sarah Terentiev


Meeting opening: - 7:08


Visitors: -

  • Nika - googling, getting ready to write
  • Erik – second visit, fiction series


New Members: - None


Book Reviews: - None


Rejections: -

  • Mike Gelhausen – The wind
  • David Mooring – rejected by, Steven Barry but with a review with good notes; Jessica Alvarez from Bookends agency. The fastest rejection ever – 1 hour 17 minutes


Submissions: -Dana Swift – submitting her book to famous authors, asking them to blurb her book. Its “scarier than agents.”


Acceptances: -Presley Peters – During PITMAD, an agent asked for more information.



  • Dana Swift – she will not be getting physical ARCs for her book. Something about COVID-19 has caused the publisher to not be able to provide them.
  • Leslie Lutz – Thank you to all who are reading and reviewing my book. The audiobook comes out June 23rd. There is some talk that things might get shot down. Podcasts are going live with interviews. Check my website for information about when and where.
  • Mike Gelhausen – We’re trying to finalize a survey for the membership.


Time adjourned:  7:28

Total attendance: 33

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