President: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Vice President of Membership: Matt Craig

Vice President of Events and Programs: Sally Hamilton

Treasurer: David Jones

Secretary: LeAnn Robinson

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Terentiev

Vice President of Digital Media: Colin Holmes

Conference Chair: Steve Manning


Officer(s) absent: - Steve Manning; David Jones


Meeting opening: - 7:06


Visitors: - Erik – writes fantasy, learned about us on line


New Members: - none


Book Reviews: -

  • Sarah Terentiev – Fractured Tide by Leslie Lutz
  • Jim Barrow – Fractured Tide


Rejections: - David Mooring – 2 from agents


Submissions: -

  • David Mooring – to four agents
  • Dana Swift – turned in a rough draft of 2nd book to her editor


Acceptances: -

  • Lauren Danhof – had submitted a full mss. She loved it. Requested a revise and resubmit
  • David Mooring – Jeff Silverman, agent, requested full manuscript of Albatross Meadows.



  • Sarah Terentiev – If you have published something, email me. If you’ve taught classes, etc. email me.
  • Colin Holmes – Pitmad is tomorrow on Twitter
  • Sarah Terentiev – If you’re close to querying, [PITMAD is] a good way to see what agents are accepting what.
  • David Mooring – Agent Eric Smith’s website shows some of the best queries.


Time adjourned: 7:36

Total attendance: 30

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