President: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Vice President of Membership: Matt Craig

Vice President of Events and Programs: Sally Hamilton

Treasurer: David Jones

Secretary: LeAnn Robinson

Vice President of Community Outreach: Sarah Terentiev

Vice President of Digital Media: Colin Holmes

Conference Chair: Steve Manning


Officer(s) absent: - David Jones


Meeting opening: - 7:09


Visitors: - None


New Members: - None


Book Reviews: - Alex Martinez reviewed books by Brooke, Leslie and Rosemary.


Rejections: - Charlie Hilliard was rejected by the New Yorker.

Kendall Furlong had a story rejected by The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Lauren Danhof had a novel rejected

David Mooring was rejected by a literary agent.

John Bartell had a poem rejected


Submissions: - Laura Starks submitted a short story.

John Bartell submitted Going Down to an agent. Also he submitted 3 poems.

Leslie Lutz submitted a writer’s tip article to Writer’s Digest. She is also doing an interview.

Lauren Danhof submitted some more of her stuff.

Dana Swift submitted to a librarian, and will be on a zoom channel.


Acceptances: - Sarah Tarentiev’s short story made it through the first round of cuts. Final word will come out April 30th.




  • Brooke Fossey – this Tuesday is her release party on the Interabang Books’ page.
  • Leslie Lutz – She will have a virtual book launch sometime in May.


Time adjourned: 7:28

Total attendance: 38

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