President:                               Brooke Fossey

First Vice President:             John Bartell

Second V.P.:                          Candice Watson

Treasurer:                              Karen Ferrell

Secretary:                               Leslie Lutz

Director of Special Projects:   Stacy Kuhnz

Director of Communications: Tristan Johnson

Conference Chair: Steve Manning

Officer(s) absent:  2


Time meeting called to order:  7:06 p.m.

Business Reports: none

Financial report:      



Visitors: 2

New Members: 1


Submissions: 1

Rejections: 1


Acceptances: 2


  • Tom Bont had a short story accepted in an anthology, Lovecraftiana, “Mhuld’enda of the Deep.”  
  • David Goodner just received a three-book deal with Disney-Hyperion.




  • 40th Anniversary dinner tickets are on sale. The dinner is September 9, and tickets cost $30 for members. If any members have any services or prizes to donate for door prizes, please see Octavia.
  • We are having a beer drive for the upcoming 40th anniversary dinner. If you’d like to donate, bring in a six pack of your choice to Wednesday night critique.
  • There’s a director interested in making a documentary for Harry Hall’s book, The Pedestriennes.


Conference News:   

  • none


Time adjourned:  7:20 p.m.

Total attendance: 47




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