President:                               Brooke Fossey

First Vice President:             Rosemary Clement

Second V.P.:                          Candice Watson

Treasurer:                              Karen Ferrell

Secretary:                               David Goodner

Director of Special Projects:   Stacey Kuhnz

Director of Communications: Brian Tracey

Conference Chair: Steve Manning

Officer(s) absent:  Rosemary Clement, Stacey Kuhnz, Steve Manning


Time meeting called to order:  1903 (7:03 pm)

Business Reports:      None



Visitors: 3

New Members: 3


Submissions: 2

 Rejections: 5



  • Dave Wampach - partial request
  • Tom Bont - Story accepted to Pseudopod - Story sold



  • Escape Artists podcast is open for submissions in September.  They are looking for women and non-binary authors
  • Digital Fiction is open for submissions
  • Carolyn has tote bags to give away, and 1 book on civil war history looking for a good home
  • Harry Hall will be speaking to the Texas A&M writers group
  • #SFFPIT opens tomorrow
  • The 40th anniversary dinner is Sept. 9.  Invitations have been sent.
  • Elections will be July 12. The slate is as follows
    • First VP: Carolyn Williamson, Katie Burnette, John Bartell
    • Director (Social Media): Tom Bont, Tristan (who has a last name, but I don't know it)
    • Secretary: Carolyn Williamson, Katie Burnette, Leslie Lutz




Time adjourned: 1917

Total attendance: 43



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