President:                               Brooke Fossey

First Vice President:             Rosemary Clement

Second V.P.:                          Candice Watson

Treasurer:                              Karen Ferrell

Secretary:                               David Goodner

Director of Special Projects:   Stacey Kuhnz

Director of Communications: Brian Tracey

Conference Chair: Steve Manning

Officer(s) absent:  None


Time meeting called to order:  1907 (7:07 pm)

Business Reports:      None



Visitors: 0

New Members: 0


Submissions: 39 (All from Tom Bont and Brian Tracey)

 Rejections: 10


  • Carolyn Williamson: full request
  • Melissa Lenhardt: interview with the Dallas Morning News
  • Karen Farrell: 3 full requests
  • Brian Tracey: full request
  • Alex Martinez: Chinese movie rights to Monster sold.




  • Brian Martin is starting a horror writing group in June.  The group will meet bi-monthly at McFarlane House.  Memberships are $50/year.
  • John Bartell has been published in Flash Fiction Online.
  • AllenCrowley: Jeffrey Eugenides will be speaking tomorrow at SMU.
  • Tom Bont is doing a book talk at Last Word Bookstore Sunday from 3-5 pm
  • Tracey Primm: Walk-In is a finalist in the Lamda Literary awards for Best Mystery.
  • Karen Farrell is collecting donations for LIFT.
  • Rosemary Clement: Writers Guild of Texas will meet April 11 from 9 AM- noon at the Richardson Civic Center.
  • Brooke Fossey: Remember the Writers Bloc this Saturday and the DFWWW 40th anniversary party September 9th.


Conference News:   

  • None




Time adjourned: 1923

Total attendance: 35


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