President:                               Brooke Fossey

First Vice President:             Rosemary Clement

Second V.P.:                          Candice Watson

Treasurer:                              Karen Ferrell

Secretary:                               David Goodner

Director of Special Projects:   Stacey Kuhnz

Director of Communications: Brian Tracey

Conference Chair: Steve Manning

Officer(s) absent:  Brooke Fossey


Time meeting called to order:  1901 (7:01 pm)

Business Reports:      None



Visitors: 1

New Members: 1


Submissions: 3

 Rejections: 0

Acceptances:  0



  • Carolyn Williamson is having a FaceBook launch party for Pretend Princess on 3-23.
  • Harry Hall: UTA Write Club is meeting on 3-23 at 6 PM at Preston Hall. They could use some help.
  • Melissa Lenhardt is having a launch party for Sawbones on April 11 at the Half-Price books in Dallas.  She will also be appearing on Good Morning Texas to promote the book on April 10.
  • Stacy Khunz: The annual supply drive for LIFT runs all through April.
  • Candice Watson still needs shoes for the Fishbowl Radio shoe drive.  Candice will also be appearing on the "Mortified" podcast, reading from her 4th grade journals.
  • Rosemary Clement will be co-presenting a dialogue workshop on April 11 for the Women's League of Texas.



Conference News:   

  • No gnus is good news, unless you need a new gnu




Time adjourned: 1912

Total attendance: 32

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